Friday, December 30, 2005

Site to check out!

Hey everyone! Please check out this site he's very in the know and he has the chance to update regularly, unlike myself. Also if you can spare it, he has a donations button, and I know for a fact that he uses the donations for spreading the word, please make a donation, even if it's a small one.

Also if you would like a copy of any of the following DVD's that I currently have (which include: The Illuminati, In Plane Site, and Martial Law) PLEASE email me your address at When Powerfan sends me more DVD's I'll let you know what else I have, or you can also request whatever new he's sending out as well. I will ship DVD's overseas, its not a problem, and its completely free to you, so no worries about that. Eventually there will be some promotion in the packages too, so that you can help spread the word and wake people up. The test run of bumper stickers failed. The ink smeared in the rain, so you can't read them anymore. I'm currently looking into getting them professionally done up, I just have to check on cost's.

Anyway thank you for reading, thank you for believeing and above all, thank you for spreading the word.

God Bless!
-Resist or Die


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